Summer is approaching and it’s time to show a little skin again. You get dressed in the cutest shorts only to realize that you are as pale as the drab winter skies. The easiest and safest solution is a self tanner. Picking out a beauty treatment can be a difficult task. There are many products out there with different qualities that are all tempting to try. An even easier solution may be to make your own self tanner product. Then you can add the ingredients that you most desire to fit your skin care needs.

Things You'll Need

Making Self Tanner

Exfoliate your skin. Self tanners look more even when your skin is exfoliated and smooth. It gives the tanner an even surface in which to absorb. If you shave your legs, wait for at least one hour before applying the tanner to give your pores time to adjust. Open pores can absorb more tanning solution causing an undesirable effect.

Put your lotion of choice into a bowl. The amount you use depends on how much you want to make.

Add your desired amount of cocoa powder. Use more for a darker tan and less for a lighter tan.

Add a touch of shimmer for a beautiful glow. You can use a very fine glitter dusting powder that can be purchased at a craft store or a glitter highlighting powder purchased from the makeup department of a drug store.

Mix the ingredients together with a spatula and then apply the mixture to prepared skin just as you would lotion. Check for evenness and make any necessary adjustments.

Allow lotion to absorb into your skin. When it feels dry to the touch it is time to get dressed and sport your beautiful new glow.


  • Shimmer effects can help to deflect light from problem areas or highlight your best assets. Practice different application techniques.

  • Adjust the self tanning formula as desired for more or less color and shimmer.

  • This formula can also be used to even out any lighter spots on a natural tan that can occur from wearing a watch or sunglasses.

  • This is not a waterproof application. It will wash off with water.