Traditional sauerkraut recipes are typically time-consuming. At best, some recipes call for six hours in a crock pot. Others, however, call for anywhere from two to six weeks to allow the cabbage to ferment. Assuming you do not want your dinner guests to die of starvation, though, there are quick ways to prepare easy sauerkraut dishes. One trick to faster sauerkraut is using a smaller head of cabbage that can be quickly shredded and sauteed.

Things You'll Need

Place the head of savoy cabbage on a cutting board and cut the end off with a sharp kitchen knife.

Cut the head of cabbage in half with the knife. Quarter each half with the knife.

Grab a quarter of the cabbage in one hand and run it along a flat cheese grater, allowing the shreds to fall into the bowl. Continue this process until you have shredded all four quarters of the cabbage.

Pour the canola oil into the skillet and allow it to heat up on medium heat.

Place the cabbage into the skillet and allow it to saute for 3 to 5 minutes or until the cabbage begins to wilt.

Add beer, cider vinegar, brown sugar and mustard seeds and allow it to cook until the liquid is reduced by approximately half.

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