Cakes decorated to suit a theme can add a special touch to your gathering. One great idea for a theme is to make the cake into a your party’s setting so it can mirror the ambiance of your event. There are many ways to manipulate coloring effects that call to mind realistic scenes. Football fields and frozen ponds are easily crafted using bright, solid colors. Creating the sand for a beach setting takes a bit more knowledge of the “food coloring wheel,” but can still be done fairly easily. Edible “sand” is a special and tasty finishing touch.

Things You'll Need

Add one drop of orange food coloring into your white buttercream frosting. Mix with a spatula. This will be the base of the sand frosting. You may need to add another drop if it is not as dark as you would like.

Empty graham crackers into your freezer bag. Seal the bag and roll the bag with a rolling pin until the crackers are crumbs. It does not have to be completely uniform, but you want it to be as fine as possible.

Scoop half of your light-orange frosting, which will be base of the sand frosting, with a spatula or straight-edged cake knife onto the middle of your cake. Spread it out all over the top of the cake. Be sure to start thick so you do not pick up the crumb of the cake.

Scoop out half of the rest of your frosting to frost the sides of your cake. Rotate the cake evenly to frost the sides. Add more frosting if needed.

Sprinkle crushed graham crackers onto the top of your frosted cake. Tilt your cake upward to sprinkle the sides with the crushed crackers.


  • Crush peanuts or almonds in a food processor as an alternative to graham cracker sand.

  • You may experiment with mixing yellow, orange and brown food coloring in white buttercream frosting to make a sand-colored frosting without using crumbs.