Shopping for prom dresses and accessories can be time consuming. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from, and it can be difficult to find accessories to match the color and texture of your beautiful dress. Prom garters are an important accessory this year. If you would like one that matches your dress and fits well, you do not have to shop for hours or spend a lot of money. You can make them at home, which allows you to have a perfect matching item for your prom dress, designed and created by you.

Things You'll Need

How to make a Prom Garter.

Take the elastic and wrap it midway between your knee and the top of your leg. You will want the garter to fit snugly around your leg, but be careful not to make the elastic too tight. Before you cut the elastic, make sure you add an extra inch for the seam allowance.

Measure your ribbons, making them an inch to two inches wide. Make sure that they are twice as long as your elastic. Then cut two long pieces of ribbon. Sew the ribbons together at the top and bottom of the seam. String the elastic through the sewn-together ribbon. Then sew the end edges together. You can now try the garter on to make sure it fits.

Cut the lace the same length as the ribbon. Place the top of the lace just under the top of the ribbon so that the lace is only visible under the garter. While sewing the lace, keep in mind that it will need to stretch with the rest of the garter. While you are sewing, keep stretching the garter to fit all the lace in. Also — instead of a continued stitch, just tack the lace down underneath the ribbon, one half inch apart, so the stitches do not show up on the front of the garter. Lace does not fray so there is no need to sew the ends down. As long as you have a straight cut line, the ends will not show.


  • For added style, you can add a bow to the front of your garter by using a tiny ribbon.
    Sew on little pearls around the center of the garter for a customized look.
    While shopping for ribbons and lace, bring your dress so you can exactly match the color.