How to Make Orange Blossom Perfume. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where oranges grow, you are familiar with the refreshing and beautiful aroma that fills the air when orange trees blossom. You can now capture the smooth and refreshing scent of orange blossoms by making your own unique perfume. Making perfume in your own home is fun, economical and less expensive than any name brand perfume you will find in your local department store. Read on to learn how to make orange blossom perfume.

Things You'll Need

Collect several bunches of fresh orange blossom and trim the stems and leaves.

Set a piece of cheesecloth in a bowl so that the edges of the cloth hang over the edge of the bowl.

Place 2 cups of fresh orange blossoms in the bottom of the bowl on top of the cheesecloth. Pour in enough water to cover the flowers, and allow the blossoms to soak overnight.

Gather the ends of the cheesecloth and secure the orange blossom inside with a knot. If necessary, you may tie the cheesecloth with a rubber band or piece of string.

Pour the water into a small cooking pot, placing the orange blossoms wrapped in cheesecloth in the water. Allow the water to simmer until about 1 or 2 tsp. remain.

Cool the perfume and pour into a small dark glass bottle with a tight fitting lid. Add three drops of glycerin, a fixative that will help your orange blossom perfume to retain its scent.

Store your orange blossom perfume in a cool dry location to extend its shelf life.