Hot summer days or physical exertion can quickly cause your body to overheat. In addition to drinking plenty of water, it helps to provide some direct cooling. Neck coolers are one way to help beat the heat. A reusable neck cooler made with polymer crystals can provide hours of relief during hot weather.

Things You'll Need

Soak enough polymer crystals in water to produce about two cups of gel. The amount of crystals required will vary by brand but it’s usually only a teaspoon or two.

Fill the tube sock with the gel. Adjust the amount of gel until the sock feels comfortable around your neck.

Tie or sew the end of the tube sock shut.

Refrigerate the sock until you are ready to use it.

When the neck cooler is properly chilled, drape the sock over your neck for hours of relief.


  • Polymer crystals can be purchased at most garden supply stores. Small quantities can also be found inside absorbent disposable diapers.

  • When the neck cooler won’t be used for a long time, it can be dried and stored. To rejuvenate it, simply soak it in water.

  • The sock can be covered with a decorative fabric or bandana.

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