How to Make Natural Spray Leave-In Conditioner

By Mary Ylisela

Leave-in spray conditioner adds moisture to hair before styling with a hair dryer or curling iron and helps to tame flyaway hair. While leave-in spray conditioners are available at salons and stores, making homemade leave-in hair conditioner is simple to do. With homemade leave-in hair conditioners, you know the ingredients in the conditioner and can tailor your leave-in spray conditioner to meet the needs of your hair.


Aloe Vera Leave-In Spray Conditioner for Dry Hair

Step 1

Pour 2 ounces of aloe vera juice into a small spray bottle. Add 3 drops of fragrant essential oil. Choose an essential oil with an aroma that appeals to you, as the leave-in spray conditioner will leave a light fragrance in your hair.

Step 2

Close the spray bottle and shake well before using. Shake the leave-in spray conditioner each time you use it, as the oil and aloe vera juice will separate between uses.

Step 3

Spray the leave-in conditioner all over freshly washed hair and comb through your hair. Style as you normally would.

Moisturizing Leave-in Spray Hair Conditioner

Step 1

Fill a spray bottle with 2 ounces of aloe vera gel. A small 4-ounce spray bottle will be filled halfway.

Step 2

Add 10 drops each of rosemary and lemongrass essential oils; then follow with 5 drops of jojoba oil. All three oils have moisturizing and strengthening properties to help dry or chemically processed hair.

Step 3

Place a couple drops of vegetable glycerin in the leave-in spray conditioning mixture if hair is extremely dry or over-processed. The glycerin adds an extra moisture boost to the spray conditioner.

Step 4

Fill the remainder of the bottle with purified water. Put the spray bottle top on and shake the mixture well. Shake again before each use.