Making all natural perfumes not only smell wonderful and contain many different aromatherapy properties, it is safe and considerate of the environment. Also, they are very simple to make!

Things You'll Need

Mix essential oils to attain your desired scent. You may want to use guides like to research the uses of each essential oil and how combinations will effect the wearer.

Mix 1/4 cup of light, thin oil with your essential oils. You will only need a few drops of your fragrance combination to every 1/4 cup light oil. A good base oil to use is almond oil.

Let your mixture sit to develop strength as long as you like, whether it be days or weeks. The longer your perfume sits, the stronger it will be.

Once your perfume has reached the desired strength, pour it into a spray bottle. Consider using natural products to contain your perfume, like bottles made of recycled materials, or reuse bottles you might find in antique shops or thrift stores.


  • Light, thin oils like grapeseed oil, safflower oil and sweet almond oil work best for a perfume base.

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