Traditionally, prom dresses are usually floor-length gowns, but it is also common to see shorter prom skirts, such as those that fall just above the knee. Whatever length your prom skirt, you may want to to make it a fuller skirt in order to accentuate your waist line. Petticoats, usually made of tulle, are skirts that are made to be worn under a dress or skirt in order to make the skirt fuller. These undergarments are available at many clothing stores and can instantly give fullness to a prom skirt.

Things You'll Need

Petticoats are available at a variety of specialty dress shops. One great place to look for a modern petticoat is at a wedding outfitter.

Make sure that you purchase a petticoat that matches the length of your skirt closely. If a petticoat is too short, it can leave a distinct line near the hem of the skirt, which can be unsightly. If the petticoat is too long, it can be seen beneath the hem of the skirt.

If you cannot find a petticoat that closely matches the length of your prom skirt, buy one that is too long and have it altered so that it fits beneath your skirt.

On prom day, put on the petticoat before the prom dress. Then, slide the dress on over the petticoat.

After the dress skirt is on over the petticoat, have someone help you “fluff” it. This means that the person will place their hands beneath the skirt and pull the petticoat in an outward motion to add volume. Then, adjust the skirt so that it lays flat over the petticoat.