Traditionally, sun tea was made by putting a few tea bags in a clear jar with water and setting it in the sun. However, nutritionists have found that some tea carries bacteria, and this is not a safe way to make sun tea. Make sun tea safely by heating the water first.

Things You'll Need

Pour the amount of water you want to use in your tea pot or pan, and heat it on your stove.

Get out the instant read thermometer and once the water is getting hot, use the thermometer to measure when it gets to 161degrees F, which is the temperature for pasteurization. Bring the water temperature up to 170 degrees F so that when you add the tea bags, the temperature will kill the potential bacteria in the tea bags.

Add the tea bags or a diffuser if you use loose Lipton tea, and let the liquid brew. If you plan to chill the tea before drinking it, you will not need as many tea bags. However, if you plan to serve it right away, you should use more tea bags. One serving of iced tea uses 1 tea bag, but when you dilute the warm tea with ice cubes, it will get weaker.

Serve the tea in glasses with ice and add sugar or a slice of lemon. Some people even like to put a mint sprig in the glass. If you do add the sprig of mint, make sure you wash it first.


  • Experiment with your iced tea to find the right strength for you.

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