Most cosmetics are full of strange chemicals and have huge price markups. Making your own personalized lipstick colors with natural oils can save money and is more environmentally sound. One simple way to mix your own colors is by using crayons and beauty products you already have at home. If you have children, you will have plenty of leftover non-toxic crayons lying around. Choose your favorite colors and use a leftover lip balm container or empty lipstick tube to create your own lipstick colors.

Things You'll Need

Peel the paper off the crayons and break or crush them into small pieces.

Place all the ingredients except the sunscreen into a small stainless steel measuring cup.

Put the measuring cup into a saucepan with gentle simmering water. Mix with the toothpick until everything is melted and combined.

Add the sunscreen and stir quickly to incorporate.

Pour the hot mixture into a lip balm container or empty lipstick tube. Keep upright until the mixture has cooled.

Brush it onto your lips when the homemade crayon lipstick is completely cooled.

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