Peach-colored lipstick and lip gloss is a pretty and youthful makeup trend that is especially flattering during spring and summer months when worn with pastel-colored clothes, such as white trousers, and printed cotton dresses and skirts. To keep the look fresh, it is important to choose the correct shade of peach to complement your skin tone and to match your shade of blusher to the shade of lipstick that you are wearing. If you are fair, choose lighter shades, such as pale peach tints and nude-colored shades. If you are dark skinned, choose deeper shades, such as deep apricot shades, coral and tangerine.

Things You'll Need

Apply a dot of lip exfoliator to your lips. Use a circular motion with your index finger to gently rub the exfoliator along the lips and remove dead skin cells. Rinse off with tepid water.

Smooth moisturizing lip balm over your lips.

Apply a dot of foundation in a shade that matches your natural skin tone to your lips and use your index finger to blend.

Outline your lips by using a well-sharpened lip pencil in a shade that matches the shade of peach-colored lipstick that you have chosen.

Apply peach-colored lipstick with a lip brush. Blend the lipstick from the center of your lips and outward toward the corners. Use a tissue to blot the lips. Repeat the application of lipstick and then use a fresh tissue to blot the lips again.

Apply a thin layer of transparent lip gloss to your lips to create additional fullness and shine.


  • If you wish to emphasize your lip color and draw attention to your lips, wear eye shadows in soft, neutral shades.

  • For a more dramatic, evening look, pair peach-colored lipstick with smokey eyes. Apply deep-colored eye shadows, such as gray and purple, followed by eyeliner and black mascara.