Making your own lip gloss is a great way to save money and a thrifty way to use up any leftover lipstick, broken lipstick or lipstick in colors you don’t like!

Things You'll Need

Buy a few small containers in the cosemetic section of any store. Scrape out any leftover lipstick stuck inside the applicator. You can use a toothpick to get every last bit of lipstick out. Mix the lipstick with a bit of vaseline in the small container and apply with your finger. You just made your very own lip gloss!

If you have leftover lipstick in colors you don’t like you can try mixing two or three colors together to make a new color. Then just mix with vaseline like in step one and you have created your own custom shade of lip gloss!

If your lipstick breaks off when you try to apply it don’t throw that chunk away! Save it to make your own lip gloss. You could also buy a white lipstick and add a bit to your gloss to make the color lighter and brighter. Have fun!