Treat baby shower guests to whimsical favors made with Life Saver candies. The sweet favors will coordinate with any shower decor theme and taste as good as they look. You can use white, mint-flavored Life Savers, or colorful, fruit-flavored candies to make the favors. Vibrantly hued jelly beans will also allow you to completely customize the look of the treats. As a charming touch, place the candy favors in small, individual bags and set one next to each guest’s place setting.

Things You'll Need

Hold one Life Saver candy horizontally. Pipe a thin layer of white cake icing around the candy’s hole.

Press a jelly bean vertically into the hole to resemble the top of a pacifier.

Pipe another thin layer of icing around the hole on the opposite side of the Life Saver.

Press another Life Saver onto the back of the first Life Saver, so the candies are perpendicular to one another; the bottom Life Saver will resemble the pacifier’s handle.

Make as many candy pacifiers as you need to accommodate your guests. Set the pacifiers on a piece of wax paper and allow the icing to dry for a minimum of three hours. Loop pieces of gift or thin, satin ribbon through the bottom Life Savers if you wish.