Eyelashes tend to get dry and brittle from cosmetics and other environmental factors. If your lashes are not conditioned regularly, they will begin to flake and eventually fall out, irritating the eyes in the process. Using a lash conditioner will keep your lashes supple and able to handle the cosmetics and other stresses they encounter. You can make your own eyelash conditioner at home so you can soften and nourish your delicate lashes, while naturally creating a mild darkening effect. You can make the most out of your lash conditioner by using it on your eyebrows too.Follow these steps to make a versatile lash conditioner and see how it compliments your prettiest facial hairs.

Things You'll Need

How to Make Your Own Lash Conditioner

Prepare the sage. Add the sage and water to a pan on the stove. Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. For more darkening effects, add a pinch more of dried sage or sage leaves and let simmer for 20 minutes.

Cool and strain. Strain the pot. Use cheesecloth to strain into a sterile jar and allow this to cool to room temperature. Be sure to strain all the sage particles, especially if you are using dried sage leaves.

Prepare a pretty bottle. Use a small neck bottle for your lash conditioner. You can buy this at a beauty store, home health store, or an old mascara tube. If you are using an old mascara tube, be certain to thoroughly clean and sterilize it before use. Pour 1 tbsp. of the sage and water mixture from the jar into the small neck bottle.

Add the oil. Use a dropper to put the extra virgin olive oil into the small neck bottle. Close the lid and shake well. You will need to shake the mixture before every use. Be sure the dropper is sterilized before using.

Apply the lash conditioner. Use a sterile mascara wand to apply lash conditioner to your lashes and eyebrows each night or while soaking in a warm bath. You can apply the lash conditioner in the morning as well to bring out color and shine for daytime use. Wash the wand between each use and allow to air dry.


  • Since the lash conditioner has a natural darkening effect from the sage, you may find this to be an excellent substitute for mascara. It will not offer a bold hue, but rather a natural looking enhancement.

  • For more darkening effects, add more sage before cooking. Experiment with the ingredients to perfect your hue and conditioning effects. Keep in mind that too much oil may clog pores or irritate the eyes. Stick with the oil ingredients recommended for the best results, even if you modify the other ingredients.