Making your own rice milk kefir provides a healthy dairy-free source of nutrition and probiotics. Probiotics provide beneficial bacteria that help maintain healthy digestion. In making kefir, you can substitute rice milk or other nondairy liquids for traditional goat or cow milk to create a vegan alternative to this ancient fermented beverage. Kefir has a creamy, thin consistency similar to yogurt drinks and contains yeast in additional to beneficial bacteria. Your rice milk kefir offers an alternative beverage suitable for people with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies or anyone who prefers to avoid consuming dairy or animal products.

Things You'll Need

Leave the unopened rice milk carton out of the refrigerator overnight. Sealed rice milk doesn’t require refrigeration. Allowing it to become slightly warm helps to activate the kefir starter.

Pour kefir grains and rice milk into a clean jar. Put the lid on the jar and leave it at room temperature for 24 hours.

Pick up the jar and move it in a circle to stir the contents four or five times during the day.

Remove the jar lid once the 24 have elapsed. Fasten two layers of cheesecloth over the opening of the jar with a rubber band.

Strain the kefir into a second clean jar by pouring it through the attached cheesecloth. Save the kefir grains for your next batch of rice milk kefir.

Place the completed rice milk kefir in the refrigerator. Serve the kefir chilled.


  • Live kefir grains can be reused indefinitely, according to the Clayton College of Natural Health. A kefir starter packet works for up to six batches.

  • Natural food stores carry live kefir grains and kefir starter packets.