Once a necessity used for comfort and protection, the Roman or “Jesus sandal” has become a staple in modern-day footwear. Known for its durability and lightweight construction, this sandal became fashionable with the Bohemian looks of the 1960s, and is enjoying another renaissance as of 2011. Although this sandal appears difficult to make, with patience and the correct materials you can accomplish the task in no time at all.

Things You'll Need

Cut approximately 10 to 20 pieces of polypropylene rope, each strand measuring roughly 1 foot in length. Lay the pieces of rope next to one another, approximating the width of your foot. Begin to form the sole of the sandal with these rope pieces.

Use a lighter to melt the individual pieces of rope together. Heat each strand of rope, slowly working on only two strands at a time. The pieces should begin to fuse together once held under the flame for several seconds. Let each piece cool before fusing the next piece with that first section.

Continue the fusing process until the multiple pieces of rope measure the width of the foot. Cut the ends of the fused pieces to match the shape of the foot. Cut at a curved angle to create a rounded front and back of the sandal sole. Repeat this process to create a second sole, and then make two more for the other foot. A double-soled sandal will enable durability, thickness and extended wear. Wrap the outer edges of the rope soles with a separate piece of rope. Bind the outer edge by fusing the rope to the soles.

Add straps to the sandals. Wrap additional pieces of rope around the bottom side of the first sole layer, extending upward and across the foot. Use as many pieces of rope as desired, measuring each piece first to ensure that they are able to extend across the foot and around the ankle. Sandwich the straps between the two sole pieces, fusing them together while binding the straps in place. Complete the Jesus sandals by repeating this process for the second sandal.


  • You must use polypropylene rope, in order for it to melt and fuse together.