People were making ice cream long before electricity was discovered. Back then, they used a mixture of ice cut from frozen ponds, and rock salt, to freeze the cream. We are going to do something a little bit easier. Here I explain how anyone can make ice cream with just the equipment found in your everyday kitchen.

Things You'll Need

Whenever you freeze a liquid, ice crystals will form. The trick to making ice cream without an ice cream machine is to stir the mixture enough as it is freezing to keep the ice cream as smooth and fluffy as possible. I recommend starting with an ice cream recipe based on custard for exceptionally smooth results.

Mix your ingredients, and pour them into a dish made of steel, plastic, or something durable.

Put your dish in the freezer, and wait 45 minutes.

When the mixture starts to freeze at the edges, take it out and mix it energetically with a spatula or a metal whisk. You want to make sure that you break up all the ice crystals.

Every 30 minutes take your mixture out and stir it again. Continue to do this for a total of 2-3 hours, until the mixture turns into ice cream.

Congratulations! You’ve made ice cream, and given your arm a workout.
Homemade ice cream should be eaten soon after making it, but that should not be a problem. 🙂