Candy apples are a treat usually eaten around Halloween. Candy apples are apples covered with a glazed sugar coating. The apples can also a variety of decorations or flavorings on the coating. They can be wrapped in cellophane paper and given as gifts. Whipping up a batch of candy apples is a fun activity for people of all ages. Apples used for this should be fresh and firm.

Things You'll Need

Buy small apples that do not have a coat of wax on them. Wash and dry your apples. Insert wooden sticks in the apples before you refrigerate them.

Mix the corn syrup, sugar and water and heat over medium heat. Add hot pink food coloring or add one or two spicy cinnamon candy drops to the liquid. Prop the thermometer in the pan.

Stir the mixture so the sugar dissolves. Allow it to boil. Stop stirring the mixture when it starts to boil.

Wait till the mixture reaches 290 degrees Fahrenheit, then simmer the flame.

Remove the pan from the stove when the temperature reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 310 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remove the apples from the refrigerator and dip them in the sugar mixture.

Place the apples on wax paper and allow them to cool. Your hot pink candy apples are ready.