How to Make Horse Hair Jewelry and Accessories

By LeafTV Editor

Jewelry and accessories made from horse hair can add a dash of flare to any outfit. Slowly save the hair that you comb from your horse to create a beautiful bracelet that all of your friends will marvel over.

Woman grooming a horse with a brush
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How To Make Horse Hair Jewelry And Accessories


Collect horse hairs that are about a foot in length. Continue collecting them until you have small bundle--as wide as your thumb.

Wrap an elastic band at the far end of the horse hair. Insert the thin metal wire into the center of the bundle. Make sure the elastic band is wrapped tightly, as to hold the hairs and wire in place.

Comb the hair gently to remove any tangles.

Separate the small bundle of hair into three equal sections. Keep the wire in the center of the middle section of hair. Braid the hair, concealing the metal wire, until you reach the bottom of the bundle.

Bind the end of the braid with silk cord in the same color of the horse hair. Repeat this process for the beginning of the braid, binding the silk cord in front of the elastic band (where the braid begins). Remove elastic band. Trim off excess hair.

Pull the silk cord through the cap end and secure it to the end of your bracelet. The hair slips into the cap end, providing a neat appearance. Repeat this process for the other end of your bracelet.

Slip the metal beads over the hair and position where desired. You may choose to have an attractive bead or charm in the center of your bracelet, as a focal point.