The difference between lip stain and lipstick is that a lip stain dries quickly on lips, which helps lips to absorb the color. When color is absorbed by lips, it is less likely to fade quickly. A lip stain can be created with items around your household. Instead of buying a lip staining product, you can make one at home.

Things You'll Need

Pour fruit juice powder from the box into a bowl.

Dampen the end of a cotton swab with water.

Dip the wet cotton swab into the powder.

Rub the cotton swab over the lips. Apply it like you would lipstick.

Wait for the stain to dry, which should not take long.

Rub the dry end of the cotton swab over the lips to wipe off any punch powder crystals that might be stuck to your lips.

Apply a clear gloss on top of the stain to moisturize your lips.