Before perfumes and body sprays became commonplace, body powders were a dressing-table staple. Those in the know still dust fragrant powders on post-shower for a long-lasting scent that does double duty to keep skin soft. Fragrant powders can even be sprinkled into shoes, onto sheets and anywhere else that needs freshening up. Make your own body powder to keep down cost and add a touch of glam to your daily routine.

Things You'll Need

Drop three cotton balls into a glass jar in a well-ventilated area. Hold a perfume bottle over the opening of the jar and spritz the cotton balls 40 times or until they are completely soaked.

Pour cornstarch on top of the cotton balls until the jar is three-quarters full. Cornstarch is highly absorbent and will hold on to the scent of the perfume.

Place the lid on the jar and secure it tightly. Shake the jar for about a minute to mix the powder and perfume thoroughly.

Place the jar in a dark and cool place, such as under a counter or on the floor of a closet. Shake it once a day for a minute for three days.

Keep the powder in the jar or transfer it to a decorative container with a lid. Use the powder as desired, patting it on your skin while still damp for best results.