In the 1960s, many hippies turned to jeans as a fashion statement. They were comfortable, inexpensive and easy to care for. Most hippies wore the bell-bottom style of jeans, which flare out at the bottom, starting at the knee. You can re-create this look from the 1960s with an old pair of jeans. Use this look for everyday wear or as part of a Halloween hippie costume.

Things You'll Need

Insert fabric to make bell bottoms. Cut a large triangle out of fabric; this can be any type of fabric, from cotton to denim. Then open up the outside seam of the jeans just enough to insert the triangle of fabric. Use your sewing machine to make a strong seam. Hem the bottom of the new fabric.

Add patches to the jeans. These can be calico fabric squares used to cover up a hole, or the kind of patches that have a design and can be ironed on. You can also create appliques in your chosen design out of calico fabric. Popular symbols for hippie jeans include peace signs, mushrooms, Grateful Dead bears and a marijuana leaf.

Fray the bottom of your jeans. Use scissors to cut the bottom of the jeans. As you wash the jeans, these bottoms will begin to fray, giving the jeans a worn-in look.

Use permanent marker to make more designs. Using a fine-tipped permanent marker, you can draw your own peace signs or daisies, or write quotes from popular hippie personalities, such as Jerry Garcia, Mountain Girl or Timothy Leary.