Having a great fitting pair of high waisted jeans, but the summer season is approaching; you can take those jeans and turn them in to a pair of denim shorts. High waisted jeans in the right shade of denim can make for a useful, fashionable and wearable pair of shorts. If you love the way your jeans fit, mainly through the hips and thighs, changing the jeans into shorts will give you a great fitting pair of jean shorts.

Things You'll Need

Try on the high waister jeans to make sure the still fit. Look at your self in a full length mirror from both the front and back. Stand straight and mark off on the jeans how short you want the high waisted jean shorts to be. You can leave the style long to make a Bermuda style jean short or go shorter for a more leggy look.

If you are going to cuff the shorts, as opposed to having a frayed hem, you will need to leave an extra three to four inches of material to work with to make the hem. Use a tape measure to mark off, with straight pins, where you want the hem of the shorts to hit on your leg.

Cut the jeans with a sharp pair of heavy fabric scissors. Try the high waisted jeans on again before cutting off any more, even if you think the shorts are too long. Know that the fit of high waisted jeans will look different compared to a low rise style. Re-mark the jeans if you think the hem is too long.

Leave hems untouched to create a frayed denim look. Wash and tumble dry the high waisted jeans to create the extra frays which will come off the unfinished hem. Hem the shorts by either folding under the hem one time to create a no cuff hem, or fold the hem outward two times and sew at the base to make cuffed denim shorts.


  • Make sure you want to cut your jeans to make shorts, as once you cut the legs off, you cannot undo the process.