Trying on new heels at the store is an excellent way to find a good fit, but since store floors are usually carpeted, you may have no idea that what you just bought could embarrass and possibly injure you. Those slick, shiny soles are dangerous when you walk on wood, tile, laminate and other smooth surfaces. Before you fall in front of your co-workers or twist your ankle while on a blind date, make the heels slip resistant. The bottoms may not be pretty afterward, but you’ll still look fabulous in them.

Things You'll Need

Wipe the bottoms of your shoes with a wet, clean rag to remove all the dirt and dust. After the soles dry, peel and stick on a non-slip pad designed for high heels on each shoe.

Wear your shoes and take a walk on sidewalks, driveways and the street. Shuffle and twist your feet as you walk to roughen up the soles of the shoes, which helps make them slip resistant.

Sand the bottoms of the heels with rough sandpaper to make them less slippery.

Scratch two to three large X’s with the blade from a pair of heavy duty scissors on the soles of your shoes to help make them slip resistant.