Change out your old hamburger recipe to one that is healthier and better for your kids. One way to reduce fat in your diet is to cut out red meat. Most hamburgers use beef, but you can easily switch that ingredient to ground turkey to make a healthy hamburger your kids will still eat. Offer your kids the same dressings and add a whole wheat bun to the new and healthier hamburger and your kids may not even notice the difference. However, you will know you are feeding them a nutritious meal.

Things You'll Need

Mix together the ground turkey with the ranch dressing packet in a mixing bowl with your hands.

Add the soy sauce once the seasonings and the meat are thoroughly mixed.

Form six patties out of the meat by rolling pieces into balls and pushing them flat. Six patties should be suitable for families with two children, as the children have smaller servings.

Spray olive oil on your grill pan. Place on the stove and turn it to high heat.

Grill the turkey burgers for 5 minutes on each side to be sure they are cooked through. Serve with whole wheat buns, lettuce and tomatoes.


  • If your kids are wiling, try grilling veggie burgers for another healthy hamburger recipe. You can easily make homemade veggie burgers with beans, soy protein and vegetables.

  • Ground chicken is another option for this recipe.