JELL-O shots are a great party favor for any get together. They are often served at bars and clubs and are a staple of house parties. JELL-O shots are also an alternative to doing straight hard liquor shots. Making JELL-O shots is easy and doesn’t take any more time than making regular JELL-O in the fridge.

Things You'll Need

Boil 1 cup of water and remove from heat.

Dissolve JELL-O packet in the water and continue to stir for at least two minutes. Make sure the JELL-O doesn’t settle in the bottom of the liquid.

Stir in 3 oz. of ice cold water and 5 oz. of alcohol and continue to stir for at least another two minutes.

Pour the mixture into even servings among the plastic cups.

Place lids on the cups and refrigerate for at least four hours.