Genie pants, also know as harem pants, are loose, billowy and perfect for costumes, lounging and even dancing in the club. The distinctive shape of genie pants includes an elasticized waist and ankles with flowing fabric through the crotch and legs. Depending on your preference, they can end mid-calf or down at the ankles. For everyday wear, genie pants are best in a soft jersey. For costumes, try using a silky satin fabric. Whether high fashion or Halloween, genie pants are fashionable and fun.

Things You'll Need

Measure your waist, hip and thighs using the measuring tape. Record these measurements. Measure from your waist to mid-calf (or where you’d like the pants to end). This will be the length of your pants.

Fold your craft paper in half width-wise and lay flat onto your work surface. Take your measurements and divide in half. For example, if your waist size is 28 inches, the pattern waist size will be 14 inches. Mark these measurements (waist and hips) as well as the pant length onto your brown paper, using your pencil.

Add about six inches to each leg to create the loose, billowy look of genie pants. Cut out the paper pattern then lay flat on your fabric. Pin the pattern in place then carefully cut out the fabric around the pattern.

Sew the fabric around the perimeter leaving the waist and ankle holes open.

Measure your elastic by wrapping around your waist and ankles and cut to the appropriate length. Stitch the elastic to the waist and ankles of the wrong side of your fabric. Turn the pants right side out.