If there are 200 ways to make fudge, 190 of them will involve a lot of ingredients and a clean-up effort. A quick, less messy recipe relies on sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chunks. It can be made and ready to eat within 2 1/2 hours.

Things You'll Need

Place a small pot over low heat on the stove. Insert the chocolate chunks and a can of condensed milk, a dash of salt and the vanilla. Heat the mixture until it looks like a pot of melted chocolate.

Line the baking pan with wax paper. Spread the heated mixture into the pan.

Put the fudge in the freezer for 2 minutes, then move it the refrigerator. The quick chill will accelerate the firming process.

Chill the mix for 2 hours or until it is firm. Turn the fudge onto a cutting board, peel off the wax paper and cut the fudge into squares.


  • Add any extracts, or extras like nuts or peanut butter, with the first batch of ingredients.

  • Use a sharp metal knife to cut the fudge. Plastic knives are sometimes not sturdy enough and leave uneven, rough jagged edges to the fudge squares.

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