Foundation powders are becoming more popular in today’s cosmetic lines. Most of these lines offer natural makeup made with pure minerals in a variety of coverage options. However, most of the cosmetic lines cannot claim 100 percent pure ingredients and the retail costs for these are astronomical. Homemade foundation powder is safe because all the ingredients are pure, works for all skin types, and costs a fraction of what you would pay in the store. Follow these steps to make your own foundation powder.

Things You'll Need

Combine the ingredients. Pour all of the ingredients into a jar with a tightly sealed lid. Be sure the jar and lid are sterile before use. Shake this well and store in a dark, cool place away from humidity and sunshine.

Shake daily. Shake the jar once a day for two weeks, or twice a day for one week. Return to storage after each daily shake. Be sure the lid is sealed tight.

Pour the jar’s contents into a sieve and sift into a pretty bowl. Try to find a small cosmetic or ceramic bowl that comes with a matching lid. Be sure not to crush the lavender flowers so they will infuse the foundation powder with the fragrance and healing properties.

Apply the foundation powder. Use a soft cosmetic brush to apply the foundation powder for a loose or sheer look. For more coverage, use a velvet puff. Stroke your face and neck to get an even application, and consider using a little for your décolleté when wearing sundresses or summertime attire.

Make a new batch within three months. Because these are pure ingredients with no preservatives, you will need to keep the foundation powder fresh by making a new batch periodically. Depending on your usage, you may need to make a new batch more often. If not, discard any unused powder after three months and make a new batch.


  • Too much foundation or other makeup prevents your skin from breathing. Use the foundation powder in the morning and once again around noontime to freshen up your makeup. Use a blotting tissue for absorbing oil throughout the day.

  • For those with dry skin, apply moisturizer before applying the powder foundation. Try mixing equal parts powder with equal parts moisturizer for a liquid application.

  • Always test your foundation brushes before purchasing. Be sure the face brush is not irritating or course running along your skin. Choose premium brushes to use with your foundation powder.