Who does not love wearing flip flops in the summer? They take seconds to put on and look great with any casual outfit. The only problem is that flip flops are not always comfortable. When worn for extended periods of time, some models–rubber ones, in particular–can rub the skin raw and scar it. Fortunately, this does not mean that flip flop enthusiasts must give up their beloved footwear. There are several simple remedies that can help make flip flops more comfortable.

Things You'll Need

Place flip flop toe cushions onto the sole to prevent blistering between the toes and on the balls of the feet.

Line the flip flop with a special insole that has a split in it to help it fit around the thong between the toes. Insoles not only decrease friction, but also prevent pain in the arch of the foot when walking for long periods of time.

Wrap each thong in strips of soft fabric in a color and pattern of your choice. Use a needle and thin thread to sow to attach the strips to each other. Dab a drop of Superglue to secure the fabric in place at the end of each thong.


    • Carry Band-Aids with you when you know you will be walking in flip flops for long periods of time. Cover any wounds for temporary relief until you are able to change shoes.