Delightfully smooth and silky edible massage oil will warm up as it comes in contact with your skin. Not only that, but it tastes and smells as good as it feels. Make your own bottle of healthy, natural edible oil, and use it any way that strikes your fancy.

Vanilla and Honey Edible Massage Oil

Mix the honey, glycerin, white vanilla extract and flavoring in a small mixing bowl. Stir or whisk the mixture until it's thoroughly blended.

Pour the edible honey and vanilla massage oil in a small bottle and put the lid on securely.

Use the edible massage oil as desired.

Apricot and Almond Edible Massage Oil

Blend all of the ingredients in a small mixing bowl.

Pour the apricot and almond edible massage oil in a small bottle and put the cap on tightly.

Heat the bottle in warm water prior to use.


  • Although you can use any flavoring that you like, some suggestions are sweet orange extract, chocolate extract, or almond extract, or combinations such as apple-cinnamon or raspberry-vanilla.