Candy flowers bring playfulness to cakes, cookies, cupcakes and decorative wreaths or centerpieces. Rest the flowers on the dessert or attach them with a dab of frosting so they stay put. Choose either colors that work with your other decorations or match the flavors of the candies to your cake or dessert. Using gumdrops or ribbons of fruit leather roll-ups, instead of fondant icing, means you have less rolling out to do and your decorations take on a delicate, sparkly quality from the sugar crystals.

Things You'll Need

Gumdrop Flowers

Spread a piece of wax or parchment paper on your work surface. Place the gumdrops on a plate at the side of the paper.

Place a gumdrop on the paper and press the top of the gumdrop down with your thumb or the back of a large spoon and flatten it out.

Cut triangular wedges out of the flattened gumdrop to form a four- to six-petal daisy, cosmos or violet. You can round off the sharp edges for a softer look.

Cut a small gumdrop into tiny pieces. Place a small piece of gumdrop in the center of the multi-petal flower for a finishing touch.

Flatten and cut a green gumdrop into leaf shapes to enhance the flower. Set the blossom directly on to the cake or dessert.

Fruit Leather Roses

Cut five 1/4- to 1/2-inch circles from the fruit leather ribbon with a clean pair of kitchen shears or a tiny cookie or fondant cutter.

Pick up one round shape and place a toothpick on the left-side edge. Wrap the toothpick top as you roll it toward the right side. Most of the toothpick will be exposed at the bottom of the circle.

Continue rolling the circle and toothpick to the left until you’ve formed a bud shape.

Pick up a second circle. Hold the circle against the toothpick at the bottom of the bud. Mold the circle around the toothpick, pinching it against the bottom of the bud that is formed onto the toothpick. Repeat with a second circle around the first full petal. Add the remaining 1/4-inch circles.

Cut out three to five more larger circles from the fruit leather. Create a slight ruffled edge by molding the edge over the center of a round toothpick. Add larger petal to your rose. Continue adding larger petals until your rose is complete.

Remove the toothpick and place the flower on your cake.


  • Group the flowers together or use them to form a bouquet of candy flowers on your cake.