Make a festive pink punch for a casual picnic or to serve at an afternoon tea. Create your own special pink punch using a variety of fruit juices and sparkling beverages. It doesn’t take many ingredients to make a tasty, refreshing and attractive pink punch.

Things You'll Need

Empty the thawed pink lemonade concentrate into the punch bowl.

Pour the cranberry pomegranate juice into the punch bowl.

Stir the punch with the spoon briefly to mix.

Add the ginger ale slowly to preserve as much of its bubble as possible. Stir the punch gently.


  • For an alcoholic pink punch, replace the ginger ale with pink Champagne.

  • Garnish a pink punch with an ice ring formed in a ring mold. Lay a pretty pattern of cherry halves, slices of citrus fruit and mint leaves in the mold and then add ginger ale. Freeze until punch is made. Unmold and place the ring in the punch bowl.