Make your own homemade gravy using a recipe that does not require expertise as a chef. Gravy can be put on just about any type of food, adding flavor that complements main dishes, such as meats, chicken or even seafood. By combining the right seasonings, onions, flour, water and tomato paste, a gravy is produced that can be tweaked to your desired perfection with a bit of experimentation. Make homemade gravy in less than thirty-minutes.

Things You'll Need

Set your stove to medium high, place the large skillet onto it and add 1/4 cup cooking oil. Mix in 3 tsp flour once the cooking oil is hot. Mix thoroughly until a unified consistency is achieved.

Mix in the large thinly-sliced onion, and then stir until both the onion slices and flour are golden in appearance. Reduce the stove’s heat to medium and add 1 tsp tomato paste. Mix the contents of the skillet again thoroughly.

Mix in 2 1/2 cups water, 1/2 tsp black pepper, and 1/2 tsp salt. Add a 1/2 hot pepper pod at this time if you so desire. Allow the contents of the skillet to reach a boil, then reduce the stove’s heat to low.

Allow the skillet’s contents to simmer until they have reached the thickness, or consistency, you desire. Sample the gravy with the stirring spoon and add additional salt at this time if you feel a need for it.

Remove the skillet from the stove, turn the power to the “Off” position, and then serve the gravy. This recipe should produce roughly 1 1/2 cups gravy, depending on the thickness you desire.