Take advantage of summer’s harvest, and make delicious dried apricots at home using your dehydrator. Use the dried apricots in granola or scone recipes, or just eat them alone as a healthful snack.

Things You'll Need

Wash the apricots in a sink filled with cold water.

Cut each apricot in half using a paring knife. Place cut-side down on the dehydrator tray.

Fill trays, leaving room between the apricots to allow for airflow.

When trays are full, adjust dehydrator temperature to fruit setting or 135 degrees F.

Apricots are ready when they are dry but pliable. Depending on the fruit’s moistness and thickness, this may take from 12 to 30 hours. You may need to remove some apricots but keep drying others until they are all done. Store dried apricots in a covered glass jar, such as a canning jar.