African American women often use headwraps to accessorize natural hairstyles. Dread wraps are a type of headwrap made with fabric or square scarves to completely cover or enhance the appearance of dreadlocks. Using only fabric and creativity, dread wraps can be wrapped in endless ways. A few of these include ponytail wraps, spiral knot wraps and turban style wraps.

Things You'll Need

Ponytail Wrap

Pull your dreadlocks into a high ponytail using an elastic band.

Place the fabric around your head with the center of the fabric at the base of the ponytail in the back. Use a strip of fabric that is 20 to 25 cm wide and 1 1/2 to 2 yards long. Make sure the ends of the fabric are equal in length on each side of your head.

Wrap the two ends of fabric around the front of your head, covering the hairline and crossing the two ends over one another

Continue to wrap the ends of the fabric around your head going back to front and front to back crossing the wrap closer to the ponytail and away from the hairline each time.

Knot the ends of the fabric together when you can no longer wrap them around your head.

Tuck the knot beneath the wrap. Remove the elastic band.

Spiral Knot Wrap

Pull longer locks back into a low bun or let them hang flatly against your head.

Drape the fabric across the front of your head , covering the hairline. The center of the fabric should be lined up with your nose.

Place the tails of the fabric in a low ponytail and secure them with an elastic band. If you have placed your locks in a low bun, be sure to cover the bun and tie the ends of the fabric just below the bun. You should have two equal length tails of fabric hanging loosely behind your head.

Twist one of the ends into a long spiral and then wrap the spiral tightly around the ponytail in a circular motion. Tuck the end beneath the ponytail at the bottom of the headwrap.

Twist the other end and wrap it in a circular motion around the ponytail in the same fashion. Tuck the end beneath the bottom of the head wrap

Turban Wrap

Let your dreads hang loosely against your head. You can pull them all back of allow them to hand on the sides and front as well.

Fold a square scarf in half so that is forms a triangle. Drape the triangle across your head from back to front so the point is in the center of your forehead.

Pull the wrap tightly so the point of the triangle hangs over your forehead and the flat side of the triangle is lined with the nape of your neck.

Pull the ends of the triangle forward on each side of your head and knot them together at the front of your head. The knot should be on top of the point of the triangle, which should still hang over your forehead.

Pull the triangle piece up and over the knot and tuck it behind the knot. Twist the loose ends into spirals and tuck them beneath each side of the scarf behind the ears.