Making a dirt cake with gummy worms is lots of fun, especially for kids. The good news is it tastes so good that adults like it too (most set aside the gummy worms for the kids). Here is the recipe for dirt cake with gummy worms (which is actually more of a pudding consistency than a cake consistency).

Things You'll Need

Crush up the cookies. You can either put them in a zip top bag and crush them in the bag, or you can crush them in a food processor.

Mix your pudding and milk.

Fold the whipped topping into your pudding mixture.

In a separate bowl, mix your sugar, cream cheese, and butter.

Add the sugar/cream cheese/butter mixture to the pudding mixture.

Add plastic wrap to the bottom and sides of your flower pot to make sure it is safe for food, or you can use a trifle dish or regular bowl. Start layering the dirt cake into the pot. Add 1/3 cookies, then a few gummy worms, then 1/2 dirt, then 1/3 cookies, a few gummy worms, the other 1/2 dirt, the rest of the cookies, and a few more gummy worms on top. Make the gummy worms on top partially submerged in the dirt so it looks like they are coming out of the ground.

Refrigerate for a few hours and serve using a trowel.


  • You can even add more embellishments such as fake flowers or plastic bugs.

  • You can make dirt cake with gummy worms in individual clear cups for easier serving.

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