How to Make Deodorant with Vodka

By Contributing Writer

Long before the appearance of the cosmetics industry, parabens and chemical-based deodarants, civilizations across the world attempted to control body odor through the use of spices, scented oils, baths and other solutions. The Egyptians, for instance, applied scented oils under the arms to prevent odor and took baths with citrus and cinnamon oils. It wasn't until 1888 that the first commercial deodorant, called Mum, was created by an inventor in Philidelphia.

If you want to go more natural, consider this homemade deodorant recipe which uses vodka and essential oils and works just as well as store-brought brands. It is free of harsh chemicals, has a great scent, kills odor-causing bacteria, won't irritate skin and has a cooling effect when applied.

Step 1

Pour the vodka and distilled water into a glass jar or bottle with a lid.

Step 2

Add the drops of essential oil. Shake mixture well.

Step 3

Store jar in cool place with lid screwed on tightly.

Step 4

Use a cotton ball to apply the deodorant to your armpits.