Crocs are convenient and casual footwear for both wet and dry weather. Their rubbery surface is waterproof and they also have room for air to circulate, just like a pair of sandals. Crocs come in many colors, including light and bright colors that get dirty easily. Fortunately, Crocs can be easily cleaned to bring back their shiny finish.

Things You'll Need

Rubber Crocs

Brush the bottom of your Crocs with a brush and soapy water to remove any grit or grime clinging to the rubber. Rinse the shoes under cold water.

Mix some dish detergent in warm water. Dip a clean cotton cloth into the soapy water and wring it out. Rub the the upper part of your Crocs in a back-and-forth motion to clean off dirt, grime and scuff marks. Clean the whole surface of your Crocs this way.

Rinse the shoes under cool water. Dry the Crocs with a dry towel. If there are still any scuffs or marks making your Crocs looking dull, repeat steps 2 and 3 until the surface is dirt-free and shiny.

Patent Leather Crocs

Clean patent leather Crocs by wiping them lightly with a soft damp cloth. Wipe off any dust or grime.

Apply a patent leather cleaner, such as Aquila, to a cloth. Apply the cleaner by rubbing it onto the patent leather in a slow circular motion.

Rub the cloth back and forth over the surface of the leather to remove the cleaner and the dirt. Rub all of the residue off until the shoe shines.

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