Crock-Pot cooking allows you to cook your food slowly and without the continuous attention that stove top cooking requires. Setting your meal up for the Crock-Pot allows you to spend time on other cooking tasks or simply relax while your meal cooks to moist perfection. A popular meal for the machine is chicken breasts and after few minutes of preparation you can sit back and let the Crock-Pot cook your meal for you.

Things You'll Need

Prepare chicken by washing it thoroughly. Soak in a bowl of cool water for three to five minutes. Remove from water and rinse under cool running water. Take extra care to rinse between folds of skin. Dry off with paper towel and set aside.

Oil the Crock-Pot. First, spray cooking spray along all inner surfaces. Do not over spray. The spray should glisten and be visible but it should not be runny. Second, add olive oil to the bottom of the pot. Use your fingers to spread the oil across the surface.

Place the chicken breasts in the Crock-Pot. Depending on the size of the pot and of your chicken, you should be able to place them without being on top of each other. You should cook no more than four large pieces at a time so that they have room to cook.

Sprinkle your favorite herbs on the chicken. These are based on your particular taste but oregano and rosemary are recommended. Sprinkle onion and garlic power over the chicken.

Pour chicken broth or soup over the pieces. If you prefer a creamier sauce on your chicken, you can substitute cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup. You do not have to add water to this mixture, the moisture from the soup is enough to cook the chicken.

Cook for four hours on the low setting of your Crock-Pot. At the four-hour mark, check your food. It is done if you are able to cut into the center of a piece and there is no pink meat and the juices appear to run clear. If you have a meat thermometer, all poultry should be cooked to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • You can embellish your dinner by adding chopped vegetables at the beginning of the cooking time.