Cream blush lends a light to the face that is unmatched by any powder product. Creams melt into the skin for a dewy finish that shapes the face while highlighting. It’s a daily makeup and handbag staple, instantly perking up a dull complexion and even working as a lip tint in a pinch. Whip up your own cream blush at home with the help of your favorite lipstick.

Things You'll Need

Use a butter knife to cut half of a lipstick from the tube. Place it onto a metal tablespoon. Use a creamy lipstick in the shade that you would like the cream blush to be.

Hold the tablespoon with lipstick 5 inches above a lit candle. Slowly rotate it in a circular motion until the lipstick begins to melt.

Place 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil onto the spoon with the lipstick when half of it has melted. Continue to rotate the spoon and use a toothpick to swirl the two products together until they have completely melted.

Pour the melted mixture into an empty blush container. Allow the blush to sit at room temperature until it hardens. Use as desired.


  • Use your fingertip to apply cream blush. The warmth of your body helps the product melt into your skin.