As humble, homely and rustic it may seem, nothing beats a classic cinnamon bread pudding and this version, made irresistible by the addition of buttery brioche and dark chocolate chunks, is a decadent and rich show-stopper in its own right. This bread pudding looks and tastes unforgettable, despite being incredibly simple to put together. One mouthful of this warm, custardy, rich and spiced bread pudding, and you’ll understand why this baked favorite has stood the test of time.

Spoon in dish of cinnamon bread pudding made with chocolate chunks.

Thalia Ho

Things You'll Need

Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

Measure out all of your ingredients to have them handy. Cut the bread into 1-inch / 2.5-centimeter cubes, aiming for uniform size and consistency. Place the cubes in a large bowl and set aside.

Ingredients measured out into individual bowls.

Thalia Ho

Cubed brioche bread in a large glass bowl.

Thalia Ho

Step 2: Whisk Eggs and Sugar

In a separate large bowl, whisk together the eggs to combine.

Eggs whisked in a large bowl.

Thalia Ho

Then whisk in the granulated sugar, and combine until well dissolved.

Whisk beating sugar into the eggs.

Thalia Ho

Step 3: Add Milk and Cream

Pour in the milk, followed by the cream. Stir to combine.

Milk and cream added to the egg and sugar mixture.

Thalia Ho

Step 4: Add Flavoring

Add in the vanilla extract followed by the bourbon, rum or brandy, if using.

Hand pouring the pre-measured essence into the bowl of ingredients.

Thalia Ho

Then stir in the cinnamon followed by the sea salt. The mixture should be creamy, consistent and thick.

Whisk incorporating cinnamon into wet mixture.

Thalia Ho

Step 5: Combine Wet and Dry

Pour the wet ingredients evenly over the cubed bread, and toss gently to combine.

Spoon stirring together wet and dry ingredients in glass bowl.

Thalia Ho

Step 6: Stir In Additions

Mix in the dark chocolate chunks or other additions of choice.

Spoon stirring in the dark chocolate chunks.

Thalia Ho

Step 7: Let the Mixture Stand

Let the mixture stand for 20 to 30 minutes so the liquid has time to absorb.

In the meantime, heat the oven to 350 F / 180 C. Generously butter your desired baking dish and then coat with a few tablespoons of sugar, tapping out any excess. This will caramelize the bottom of the pudding into a delicious and sweet sticky crust. Then, pour the absorbed bread mixture into the prepared dish.

Cinnamon bread pudding in a dish ready for baking.

Thalia Ho

Step 8: Bake

Bake the bread pudding for 35 to 45 minutes. It should be golden on top and no liquid should seep out when pierced gently with a fork.

Golden Cinnamon Bread Pudding baked.

Thalia Ho

Step 9: Cool

Let the bread pudding cool for 10 minutes before cutting and serving warm.

Bread pudding cooled and ready for serving.

Thalia Ho


Bread pudding is extra delicious served with a generous dollop with creme anglaise, custard or a good vanilla bean ice cream.

A serving of bread pudding.

Thalia Ho