How to make chocolate buttermilk icing

Things You'll Need

This is a delicious frosting to add to the cocoa cake. You will need a large saucepan you will need to add the cocoa, butter, and buttermilk. You will need to bring this mixture to a boil. Then you will need to remove the saucepan from the heat.

Once you removed the pot from the heat you will need to whisk in the sugar and vanilla. You will then spread the icing mixture over the warm cake and then sprinkle with the chopped walnuts. Then allow to cool on a wire rack until the cake is cool and then cut the cake.

If you do this before the cake is cool it will just crumble. You can also allow the cake to cool completely before frosting if you choice this will make the spreading of the icing a little harder but it taste just the same.