Chapsticks do a great job in keeping the lips moisturized.A good chapstick can prevent dry lips and reduce lines on the lips.They keep lips supple,moist and soft.If you want to make chapstick at home,it is not that hard to make one.You just need to gather a few supplies and you will have your very own chapstick to use.Free of any chemicals and harsh colors,these chapsticks are also fun to make.

You will need a piece of beeswax(about a tsp) and two tea spoons of coconut oil.Coconut oil is rich in Vitamins and therefore very good for moisturizing chapped lips.Beeswax as we all know is an excellent moisturizer and is widely used in making chapsticks.

Add a few drops of glycerin and two drops of red food coloring.You may also add a few drops of rose water for a little scent.Break open a Vitamin E capsule and add it’s oil to the mixture.

If you have shea butter,add a tsp to the mixture.Microwave for 20 seconds till the mixture is in liquid form.Repeat again for 20 seconds.Let it cool down.Pour in empty small containers.You may use a Vaseline jar.Let it harden.Use and enjoy.