Chamomile tea is best known for its calming effects. At Starbucks, it is even marketed as the "calm" tea, which is appropriate because it soothes the body and relieves the mind of anxiety. Originally used by Egyptians as medicine, it has now gained worldwide acceptance and is one of the more popular teas that people enjoy. When brewed, chamomile tea has a subtle yellow tinge to it. Herbal teas are believed to have beneficial effects— the infusion of herbs, known as tisane, promotes wellness. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory benefits as well. Also, compared to other teas, chamomile is a sweeter brew and is not too bitter. Naturally, it is caffeine-free and can even help people with sleeping problems. It is a great drink anytime of the year, and is particularly relaxing during days when you are sick. Here are the steps to a more relaxed and calmed you by creating your own chamomile tea.

How to Make Chamomile Tea

Bring water to a boil on the stove.

Pour water in a teapot. The easiest way is to make this tea is by buying chamomile teabags at your local supermarket, but if you prefer homemade, place dried or fresh chamomile flowers in a tea infuser and drop into the water. Steep for about three minutes.

Stir in honey and crushed mint leaves to add flavor and sweetness. Pour into teacups.

Serve and enjoy with dessert, shortcakes and other kinds of pastries. Enjoy while hot.