Hair bows are an easy way to add a little punch of color and personality to an outfit. You can purchase hair bows from beauty salons, beauty supply stores or accessory boutiques, but they usually have a considerably hefty price tag attached. Make your own hair bows attached to elastic pony tail holders for a fraction of the price so you can afford to have a different bow to match every outfit.

Things You'll Need

Measure and cut an 18-inch-long length of 1/2-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon. Heat the ends of the ribbon for a few seconds with a lighter to seal them. Thread the ribbon through the center of a hair elastic.

Fold the ends of the ribbon in so they meet in the center to create a loop on both ends of the ribbon. Hold the ribbon loops about 2 inches from the folded end.

Tie the tow loops in a knot. Adjust the tails and loops of the bow so they are even re-tightening the knot as needed. Tie the loops in another knot once the loops and tails are even. Tighten the second knot down as much as possible and you are done.


  • Use more than one piece of ribbon to make a layered bow.

  • Use a small dot of hot glue inside the second knot if your ribbon seems to come loose.