Although henna is a natural and safe product to use when tattooing skin or dyeing hair, black henna can be just the opposite. Black henna is not pure henna, but contains para-phenylendiamine (PPD), which helps make the powder, or paste, black. The result of black henna will indeed be black hair; however, precautions should be taken to avoid health risks, which can include severe allergic reactions and skin blistering.

Things You'll Need

Locate a retailer that sells black henna powder specifically made for dyeing hair. You can find a retailer on-line or in your community. Purchase the black henna powder.

Protect your workspace with newspaper or some other type of table cover. Keep a garbage bag or pail next to you.

Put on your protective gloves.

Fill a measuring cup with water. You will need to use about 3 times as much water as the amount of henna powder that you have available.

Pour the black henna powder in to a glass dish.

Pour the water in to the black henna powder.

Stir the henna powder until it is smooth.

Apply to hair as desired, rinse after 30 minutes. Discard the remaining paste in to the garbage bag, and rinse all items thoroughly.

Discard your gloves.