Bindis are a colorful accessory that have moved from their traditional Indian and Hindu background to fashion mainstream. Traditionally they are worn right between the eyebrows. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Madonna have sported shiny, exotic bindis and many versions are available in stores. With just a little skill and imagination it is easy to make your own bindis.

Design and Play

Bindis are about 1/2- to 1/3-inch in diameter. They can be round, drop shaped, diamond shaped or square. Think about the colors and materials you would like to use and set all your materials up so that you can easily reach them.

Use vinyl (such a piece of vinyl tablecloth), fabric or thick paper as the base material to which you will apply beads and rhinestones. Draw your shape on the background and begin to glue the beads and rhinestones on it. Let your imagination flow and play with the shapes, colors and textures.

Cut out your shape from the background material once the glue has dried. Use very small, sharp scissors such as manicure scissors.

Seal the front with a layer of clear nail polish and when dry, turn over with tweezers and seal the back. When using vinyl there is no need to seal the back.

Apply bindi to face. Make sure your skin is clean and put a dab of spirit gum on the back of the bindi. Place on forehead, between the eyebrows or slightly above.


  • Most bindis can be re-used . There is really no limit to the materials that are used, as long as they are light enough to stick and stay in place. Very light bindis can also be attached with fake-eyelash adhesive.

  • Residue of spirit gum can be removed with a cotton ball soaked with vegetable or olive oil.