Making bacon gravy is not about following a precise recipe to make a specific quantity of gravy. It is about understanding the various ingredients, how they interact and how to use that knowledge to quickly make bacon gravy for one or 21. It is possible for two or three pieces of bacon to render enough flavorful fat to make a large batch, yet chances are you will want to cook up more bacon to use for bacon bits.

Things You'll Need

Dice up the raw bacon into small pieces. If you want bacon gravy with ample bacon bits, cook at least one piece of bacon per serving.

Brown the bacon in a large skillet to cook the bacon and render the fat. Stir the bacon as it cooks in the fat so it gets crispy. Do not undercook the bacon or allow it to burn.

Calculate how much gravy you would like to make. Drain off the grease you don’t need after the bacon is cooked. For two cups of gravy, you will need about a quarter cup of bacon grease.

Add the flour. You will add an equal amount of flour to bacon fat. If there is a half cup of bacon fat in the skillet, stir in half a cup of white flour.

Stir the flour into the grease and bacon bits over a medium heat. It should bubble and thicken.

Slowly add milk to the mixture. After the flour and grease is well blended, pour in milk and continue to stir over medium heat. It will take about two cups of milk for each quarter cup of flour used.

Remove the skillet from the heat when the gravy reaches its desired consistency. Season the gravy with pepper.


  • Add diced onions when browning the bacon bits to spice up the gravy.